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You use your heating and cooling system all year long. In fact, in east Texas, you use it almost every single day of the year. Your HVAC system is what keeps you and your loved ones cool and comfortable in the summer, and warm and cozy in the winter. Because of this continuous, almost non-stop use, your unit can end up being strained and overextended, leading to higher utility costs, decreased efficiency, and in the worst case, eventual breakdown. 

Your HVAC system is made up of a lot of smaller components that help it function properly. Like you take your pets to the vet for their yearly checkup, and you do the same at the doctor, it’s important that you maintain your HVAC system in a similar fashion. You wouldn’t drive your car without maintaining it until it eventually breaks down. You take it for regular oil changes and other maintenance when necessary. Think of your HVAC system the same way. 

Beyond expensive repairs, neglecting the health of your unit can lead to an untimely breakdown, leaving you without air conditioning in the summer or without heat in the winter. Regular maintenance can uncover small problems before they become big ones, with a big bill. 

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Fewer Repairs: Like we mentioned above, yearly HVAC maintenance can help uncover and solve small problems before they lead to requiring expensive repairs. Well-maintained units are less likely to break down, and have longer lifespans. Regular maintenance can help protect your investment and your home comfort in the hottest and coldest months. 

Lowered Energy Costs: During your regular HVAC maintenance, your technician will help ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. They can check your airflow, part cleanliness and drains to help your system run at optimal performance. When everything is working as it should, your energy costs will lower. Your technician can also check for any leaks to be sure that heated or cooled air isn’t escaping your home unexpectedly.   

Increased Unit Lifespan: A well cared-for unit pays you back over its life by lasting longer. Sometimes small maintenance issues can cause a domino effect where other parts begin to malfunction. Consistent maintenance checks can prevent this problem and can add years to the lifespan of your system. 

Improved Air Quality: On top of keeping you comfortable, your HVAC system is also responsible for helping to filter harmful pathogens from the air you breathe. Pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, dander and smoke, among others, are kept at bay by your system, and regular maintenance can ensure your home’s air is clean. 

Safety: Damaged or unmaintained units can pose severe carbon monoxide and fire hazards. Regular maintenance can help prevent this danger and offers you the peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way. 

Self-Service Maintenance

While most of your HVAC system’s maintenance should be left to the professionals, there are a couple of things you can do to help your system function at its peak capacity: 

  • Regularly replace your filters
    • 1”- monthly, 2” – every 2 months, 4” – every 6 months, media – every 6-8 months
  • Remove dirt and debris from around your outdoor unit
  • Keep the interior part of your unit free from clutter

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