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Spring & Summer Check Up

SUNNY’S COOLING Spring & Summer Check Up


Having a spring check up each cooling and heating season is important to ensure the proper operation of your air conditioning system as well as ensure the health and safety of the occupants in your home.

Spring Cooling Check Up Includes:

  • Confirm system operations and cycle through thermostat / comfort controller.
  • Visual check of air filters, change if provided by customer at time of service.
  • Check supply and return temperatures. Drop across the coil (18-20 degrees).
  • Check system voltage to ensure it is within the acceptable range. (120V +/-5%)
  • Check and compare amperage on the blower motor to name plate ratings.
  • Test door safety switch, if present.
  • Check primary and secondary condensate drain lines for proper water flow. (Must have access to primary drain line to check water flow)
  • Check float switches for operation, if present. (Primary float switch recommended per most city codes)
  • Visual check for oil and refrigerant leaks indoor at evaporator coil.
  • Visual check water heater exhaust, if visible in attic where AC equipment is located.
  • Visual check for water leaks.
  • Visual check of duct work.
  • Check and compare amperage on the condenser fan motor, and compressor to name plate ratings.
  • Check condition of contactor for proper operation, pitting, and input/output voltages (120V & 24V)
  • Check and compare run capacitor microfarads to name plate rating. (+/- 6%)
  • Check system suction pressure and discharge pressures compare to manufacture’s charts, if needed.
  • Check system suction and discharge temperatures at the condenser.
  • Calculate system sub-cooling and compare to manufacture’s ratings. (TXV Systems)
  • Calculate system super-heat and compare to manufacture’s ratings. (Piston / Orifice Systems)
  • Visual check for oil and refrigerant leaks at condenser coil.
  • Basic rinse of condenser coil, customer to provide water and hose within 40’ of outdoor unit.

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