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Fall Check up/Carbon monoxide

SUNNY’S Heating Fall Check Up


With each heating and cooling season a system check up is important to ensure the proper operation of your air conditioning system as well as ensure the health and safety of the occupants in your home.  Following our fall check up recommendation will help your system go a long ways.

The Heating Fall Check up Includes:

  • Confirm system operations. Cycle through thermostat / comfort controller.
  • Life Safety check for carbon monoxide in living spaces.
  • Test for combustion leaks in attic. Test heat exchanger for cracks, holes, and leaks.
  • Check and measure supply and return air temperatures.
  • Calculate rise across heat exchanger. (30 – 60 degrees, acceptable)
  • Check system voltage to ensure it is within the acceptable range. (120V +/-5%)
  • Check and compare amperage on blower motor to name plate rating.
  • Check and compare amperage on inducer motor to name plate rating.
  • Check operation of high limit safety switches.
  • Check flame roll out safety switches.
  • Check inducer motor vacuum pressure safety switch.
  • Visually check and verify flame safety sensor, remove and clean, as needed.
  • Check blower high temperature limit safety switch.
  • Check ignitor or remove and clean pilot assembly / orifice, as needed.
  • Verify proper vent pipe exhaust. Check flue for obstructions.
  • Inspect all gas connections; lines and flex gas hose within 5’ of the furnace.
  • Manually open and close gas cutoff valve to verify operation.
  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections.
  • Test door safety switch.
  • Visually inspect for water leaks from the air conditioning system.
  • Visually inspect accessible & visible ducts from the equipment platform.

Carbon Monoxide Levels & Risks

It is important and sometimes critical to evaluate carbon monoxide levels and the associated risks of exposure.

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