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If you’re like many homeowners, you’re used to getting things done yourself. In an effort to save time and reduce costs, you may be tempted to perform HVAC maintenance tasks on your own. However, you may end up accidentally costing yourself more in the long run if you end up in over your head or make a small mistake that leads to a costly repair. 

If you’re about to set off to DIY your HVAC maintenance, check out these tips to help you DIY the smart way. 

Safe and Effective DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips

While certain maintenance and repair tasks should be left to the certified professionals, here are some easy and safe maintenance items you can feasibly do yourself. 

Switch the batteries in your thermostat: This will help you avoid faulty temperature fluctuations due to a dead battery. Plus, if you switch your thermostat batteries when you switch your smoke detector batteries, you’ll never forget to do it and you’ll ensure that your thermostat is always ready to go, even in the coldest or hottest temperatures. 

Clean or change your air filter(s): Depending on the type of air filter(s) you use, you should replace them once a month to once every six months. If you aren’t sure which type of filter you should be purchasing for your unit, visit your manufacturer’s website for guidance. 

Keep your system clean: The best thing you can do for the life of your HVAC unit is keep it clean. Clear, unobstructed airflow is vital to your system’s performance, so keep your unit clean by ensuring that there are no clogged filters, closed or blocked registers, or leaky ducts. Move storage items and equipment away from your inside units and clean leaves, trash and any other debris off of your outside units. 

Stay on top of your maintenance schedule: HVAC maintenance should happen one to two times per year at a minimum. Mark your calendar to ensure you’re on top of your maintenance schedule. This will keep you in compliance with your warranty too, if you have one. 

Schedule Duct Cleaning: If there are visible signs of dirt around your duct work, or you smell a musty, dusty or mildewy scent around your duct work, it’s likely that your ducts need to be cleaned. This isn’t a part of regular maintenance, so if you notice something’s up with your ducts, call a professional cleaning service such as Sun Air Conditioning & Heating to prevent further damage to your system. 

DIYs to Avoid

Because the more involved maintenance and repair tasks can be dangerous, we wouldn’t suggest DIYing the following items: 

  • Coil Cleaning: Your HVAC coils are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged or ruined entirely if you use the wrong cleaning solution or method. Because your system relies heavily on your coils to keep your home’s temperature at comfortable levels, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your local certified HVAC technician to have them professionally cleaned if necessary. 
  • Adding Refrigerant: The chemicals used in refrigerant are dangerous if inhaled. That’s why this task calls for trained precision and knowledge of exactly how much refrigerant is needed. If your AC is low on refrigerant, it has a leak that must be found and fixed. We recommend leaving this precise task to the professionals. 
  • Fixing Electrical Issues: Again, this boils down to safety. Unless you’re a certified and practicing electrician, messing with high voltage appliances is a deadly idea.

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