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As technology advances, so too do the components of your home. In recent years, HVAC technology has taken off, offering smarter, greener, more efficient and less costly heating and cooling for your home. Check out the five ways technology is shaping the HVAC industry below. 

#1 Whole-Home Automation

Smart technology has paved the way for automation, making controlling your home’s comfort a breeze. Whether you use geofencing or programming, you can go as granular as setting your air conditioner to turn on 20 minutes before you get home. From your smartphone, you can adjust your thermostat, set triggers, or check your home’s humidity. The possibilities for automation are endless, and are just a click of a button away. 

Not only is automation convenient, it can save you money, too. By using your system less when you aren’t home, you save energy and hundreds on your utility costs. 

Additionally, automation isn’t just for your HVAC system. Modern smart homes have whole-home systems that can raise or lower your blinds on cue, turn on your ceiling fans, and adjust your thermostat, all without you having to check the weather and do it yourself. This is just one of the ways that smart technology has made home comfort simpler and more convenient than it has ever been before. 

#2 Ductless HVAC Systems

As we look ahead to the future, energy efficiency is king when it comes to HVAC innovation. To that end, ductless systems are now becoming the preference for many homeowners and developers, as these types of systems are highly efficient and easy to install. And, because they don’t require expensive ductwork, they’re a cost-efficient alternative to traditional systems of the past. 

Furthermore, ductless HVAC systems allow you to use zone heating and cooling. As in, you don’t need to cool or heat your entire house; you can set the system to do only certain zones at a time. This keeps your energy usage down while keeping you and your family comfortable in the rooms you use the most. 

#3 Sustainable (or Green) Technology

Much like energy efficiency, sustainable technology is a priority of the industry as we move forward. Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer a big step forward in reducing your carbon footprint. These systems use water, heat pumps and underground piping to naturally cool and heat your home. Because they don’t require refrigerant and simply swap heat with the ground, they’re much more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. 

#4 Energy Analysis Software

In good news for homeowners and builders, energy analysis software is a useful tool in helping to determine the most efficient and least costly HVAC system for a home. The software can predict a structure’s lifetime energy use, and can be used to compare different units to see the cost saving differentials. 

This same software works with smart home technology to help you better manage your energy usage. What was once a tedious and manual process is now completely automated, making the information more accessible and easier to use to make home comfort decisions. 

#5 Predictive Maintenance

IoT and AI technology have revolutionized HVAC maintenance. This smart technology can sense air quality and equipment status to predict when maintenance is necessary, saving on unnecessary upkeep and finding small problems before they become large ones. Besides the financial benefits, these systems can also help you maintain better air quality and comfort. 

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